Dec. 30, 2020

1st Annual Twipods

1st Annual Twipods

Welcome to the 1st Annual Twipods! This event is featured on my Twitter page @sd_anxious and all nominating/voting will be done via Twitter. I encourage you to participate and share this event with everyone you know! We will all be nominating our favorite podcasts of 2020 in each category and the top three (3) nominees in each one will be voted on via polls on my Twitter page! Winners will receive special prizes. Detailed information is below and can also be found on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to use the hashtag #Twipods as much as possible, your support is highly appreciated!!!


  • Each Twitter page is allowed to nominate only ONE (1) podcast per category
  • Nominations will conclude 12/30 @ 11pm EST
  • Nominations are limited to Indie podcasts only. (This is to avoid nominating wider known podcasts like Joe Rogan, let’s support lesser known podcasts!)
  • The podcast you are nominating MUST have a Twitter page
  • Kindly follow all instructions so your nominations can be counted 💕🥳

To Nominate:

Use the following respective hashtags and @ the podcast Twitter page you are nominating along w/ me @sd_anxious:


  • #TwipodsNew
  • #TwipodsOriginal
  • #TwipodsSolo
  • #TwipodsMulti
  • #TwipodsMinority
  • #TwipodsCrime
  • #TwipodsComedy
  • #TwipodsMental
  • #TwipodsCinema
  • #TwipodsGaming
  • #TwipodsHistory
  • #TwipodsFolklore
  • #TwipodsParanormal
  • #TwipodsQuarentine
  • #TwipodsConspiracy


***Using the hashtag and @ the Twitter page of the podcast you are nominating.***

OFFICIAL #Twipods Categories:

  1. Best New Podcast (the podcast you nominate must have been created this year, 2020)
  2. Best Original Concept Podcast (the concept must be unique !)
  3. Best Solo Host Podcast (run by just one host)
  4. Best Multi Host Podcast (2 or more hosts!)
  5. Best Minority Hosted Podcast
  6. Best Crime Podcast (I.e. true crime etc.)
  7. Best Comedy Podcast (pick one that really made you LOL !)
  8. Best Mental Health Podcast (I’m biased but I think we all needed them this year)
  9. Best Cinema Podcast (those amazing ones that review movies and the like!)
  10. Best Gaming Podcast
  11. Best History Podcast
  12. Best Folklore Podcast
  13. Best Paranormal Podcast
  14. Best “Made me Feel better during Quarantine” Podcast (did they? Nominate that pod!)
  15. Best Conspiracy Podcast


Please Note:

  • The top three (3) nominees for each category will be entered into the polls to be voted on. -Polling will begin at Midnight 12/31 (polls will be posted on this page).
  • Voting will END at 11:45pm 12/31 and -WINNERS will be announced at Midnight 🎉🥳🏆 01/01/21
  • In the event of a tie in any category, a 10 min run off vote will take place
  • Thanks to everyone’s help we have fifteen (15) categories with (6) of them being “general” ones. No more categories will be added.
  • This is the FIRST annual Twipods event. It can only get better from here on out! If you like the event there will be another next year and you’ll have more chances to win.
  • If you have any additional questions regarding the Twipods then send me a DM or email me: and I will respond ASAP
  • If you are a sponsor and would like to sponsor this event feel free to email or DM me ASAP

You ARE ✅allowed to :

  • Encourage others to nominate and vote for you (this includes your listeners)
  • Nominate & Vote from your personal Twitter page in addition to your podcast page
  • Nominate yourself
  • Vote for yourself
  • Use the #Twipods hashtag #️⃣ as much as possible ‼️ The more people that know about the event, the more they can participate & (hopefully) discover new podcasts to listen 🎧 to 💕


You ARE NOT 🚫 allowed to:

  • Vote for MORE than one (1) podcast per category per Twitter page
  • Campaign against others
  • Make negative remarks about any participating podcasts

Prizes: 🍾🏆🥇

**All participates of the 1st Annual Twipods will (if they can) buy the winners a coffee ☕️ 💰. This is a cash 💵prize and winners will be asked to provide links to their page. If you don’t have one use this link to create a page (it’s 100% free and only takes a minute!)


**Thanks to my friends @ Podpage, all winners will get $25 in Podpage credit to use for any plan. The credit will expire 1/7/2021. Codes will be given to the Winners 🎉🥳 Podpage is an amazing, user friendly platform where you can easily create a webpage for your podcast!


**Each Winner will be featured in a promotion on my podcast 🗣 and all podcast owning participants will be encouraged to feature a promo for the winners on their podcasts as well! (Let’s support one another! ❤️)