April 7, 2021

Chaotic Neutral Vibes 💕

Happy Wednesday Babies!

Welcome to the official issue #1.

First things first: Have you checked out the latest episode of the podcast that released on Monday? If you haven't, do yourself a favor and tune in. My guest was Mike from the podcast "100 Things We Learned From Film" .  We talked about Religion, Warlords, Cannibals, Mental Health, Politics in the US and UK, Creepy Nuns, History & so much more.

Basically everything you're not supposed to talk about at the dinner table...which is exactly what made it so much fun! So please go enjoy <3

Mental Health Check in Point: How have you been?! 

Please tell me via email: localneighborhoodbaby@gmail.com or comment below. Believe me when I say: I care and I want to know no matter how good or how bad. 

Can you believe I took 3 days off from work to rest ? Maybe you don't know this about me but somewhere along the way I became a workaholic. Still, I knew I needed a mental health break and I ACTUALLY took one. It was sooo nice to laze around and devote all my time to my passion projects. I was able to take a deep breath, get organized in a lot of ways and feel like an actual person again! Wooooo. So mentally--we're doing pretty good right now. 

Since I’m now some kind of an expert, see below. 

REAL Self Care Tips 

  • Masturbate. Seriously, post orgasm clarity just gives me a jolt of energy. Though I’ve heard some people end up feeling languid and tired. Either way? Win/win. Get yourself off and relieve stress
  • Watch something funny on TV or YouTube. This is my go to when I’m feeling down. Laughter is medicine as they say
  • Skin care routine while listening to a podcast. Not only will you feel good about taking care of your skin, you can also take your mind off things by listening to a podcast at the same time 
  • Take a long shower or bath. You’re made up of water for a reason. If you’re like me you can spend the time daydreaming while the water cleanses you of your problems temporarily 
  • Actively avoid people who make you feel bad. Don’t call, text or FaceTime them. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS
  • Go to a local book store. This is a quiet soothing place to go to. You can go alone and you’ll still feel nice about getting out of the house. Have a nice coffee while you’re there. Decaf if you’re anxious. Buy a book or just browse. No pressure 😌

Those are my methods. Not saying they’re genius or PC but whatever works people. 

Yesterday I was thinking about why we (adults, and yes I’m including myself in that group even though I’m really just a baby) get “too old” for the best of things. Like, someone used to read me to sleep at night. I need that now more than ever ! I don’t know about you guys but I have so much trouble falling asleep. There are businesses now, apps like “Calm” and the like, built on the premise that’s adults can be read to sleep by other adults with soothing voices. 

Last night I listened to Cillian Murphy read me to sleep 💤 via YouTube. It took me 20 mins to slip into a peaceful slumber. Most nights it takes hours! Basically what I’m saying is—I need someone with a soothing voice to read me to sleep every night. I think we should all have that. 

In other news 📰, how was your Easter ? Did you celebrate ?? I got a gigantic chocolate Easter bunny from  “Happy Hour Guy”. If you don’t know who I’m referring to please go check out my “about last night” episodes and “2 men, 1 disaster”. This guy is a serious glutton for punishment but I was happy to eat my bunny 🐰💕 he planned an outing for a bunch of us to go play pool and have drinks on Friday. 

Part of me is thinking I shouldn’t go and this will end badly. The other part of me is thinking: that’s exactly why I need to go!

Self-sabotage is always the name of the game people. 

By the way—are movie theaters 🎭 open near you ? I’m actually shocked that they are slowly opening in my area ! I will NOT be going anytime soon but I’m pretty bummed out that this new film “Unholy” released in theaters instead of like, HBO max or something. Cause I won’t be heading back to theatre until MAYBE next year. I really miss it though. 

Not so much that I’m willing to risk getting a deadly disease over it though. 

Hypocritically however, I DO want to go on a road trip so badly! Someone pick me up! I need to see new sights, I want to stare at open fields and breathtaking oceans and just be in a car singing stupid songs with my feet up on the dash. Don’t you? I’m so tired of being trapped in buildings. I need something NEW or I’m gonna scream!!!!! 


Here's the latest Rundown:

Breaking News: 

  • I'm up for a MAJOR promotion at work ! (send prayers/well wishes)
  • I did my taxes like a big girl
  • This is day 10,855 and counting of me not falling in love

 Lately I've Been Watching:

  • YouTube. Lots of YouTube (check out this channel if you want to get trippy: Clicky )
  • The Nanny ( I’m seriously addicted to Fran Fine. She’s so fucking cool! And her outfits. Ta. Die forrrrr)
  • Peaky Blinders on Netflix (don’t get me started. I love this show!!!!!!) 

That’s all for now. And trust me, I’m fully aware of the chaotic -ness of this week’s blog. Maybe they’ll get more structured week to week. I make no promises of any kind. 

I just really like sharing my thoughts with you. Buttttttt—if any of you want to send in questions feel free to do so and I’ll answer them in this blog/newsletter/thingamajig. 

I hope you all have a great rest of the week and I’m here if you need to talk. 

Love ya!! 

Local Neighborhood Baby