April 2, 2021

Stressed Depressed & ....SUPPORTED?

Stressed Depressed & ....SUPPORTED?


Ahem, is this thing on?

Hello Babies!

Is that weird? Do you all like being called that? It's a new thing I'm trying out, let me know if you hate it. 

I've been wanting to do a blog post every week BUT l just couldn't drum up the courage/motivation/self confidence/anti-anxiety juice to get started. Now that I've managed to take some time off work for self care and R&R I've gotten organized and will start posting a newsletter weekly!

Please expect a newsletter/blog post every Wednesday from now on. If you want to be made aware the MINUTE I post then sign up for the mailing list via this site. Don't worry--I pledge not to spam you! So please sign up (if you're on a computer you'll see the mailing list sign up on the sidebar, if you're on mobile go the main page of the site and scroll down) and tell your friends to do so as well.

Once you do you'll be alerted of things like:

  • Wednesday Newsletters
  • Special Giveaways
  • The occasional random letter from me to you

I appreciate your support like nothing else in this world.  

Speaking of support I need your help. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hosting this podcast. So much. I've got endless ideas swirling in my mind for the podcast! In a broad sort of way, my goals are to widen the audience of the podcast and improve the quality of the episodes.

I've been working on an animated version of the podcast which would be available via YouTube. I'm soooo excited about it!! But I need some extra hands to ensure the quality is where it should be. There are also some pieces of equipment I'd like to pick up for the podcast in order to ensure each episode is a total eargasm and to help cut down on editing so my release times aren't so inconsistent. 

To accomplish these things I really need your support. If you can, please consider going to THIS SITE and clicking the membership option. 

You can become a monthly supporter for $10 a month. It would really help me to reach these goals and continue putting out content that all of you can enjoy. Feels weird to ask especially because as I write this I'm actively imagining people thinking:

But we're pushing past the anxiety people. We're pushing past it.

Ok so, you'll notice there are some perks associated with membership which you'll see on the page but if you have a specific perk that you'd like and it isn't listed feel free to email me your suggestions! 

There are of course other ways to support as well! Subscribe, download, leave a good rating and review for the podcast anywhere you can! This will make the show more discoverable and spread the message that those struggling with mental health aren't all alone and that the stigmas associated with mental health need to end. 

If you've read this far---thank you. I truly love each and every one of you so much. I appreciate all of your support always and I can't even begin to express how much you mean to me. You have all LITERALLY kept me alive in some of my darkest moments.



  • Sign up for the mailing list
  • Note that you'll be getting newsletters every Wednesday (Hump Day) from here on out
  • Sign up for $10 per month membership via this page: CLICK HERE
  • Subscribe, Rate, Review & Download the Podcast Episodes on your favorite platforms if you haven't already
  • Know that I love you 


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