Jan. 1, 2021



Well, well, well...

1000+ podcasters and listeners participated in the 1st Annual Twipods!! So much love and support at the start of (finally) a new year. The Podcast Fam has spoken...there WILL be a 2nd Annual Twipods Awards! I know, I know...we have to wait until DECEMBER to do this again...what a long time!

Never fear.

This next Twipods is gonna be AHMAZINGGGG. Why? Because we're gonna have a show! Yep that's right, while nominations and voting will still be fully taking place on Twitter, there will also be a full Twipods Awards show to watch on YouTube. It'll be like watching the Oscars...except it's for Podcasts! 

With that said, there are A LOT of preparations being done on the back-end for this. I want to ensure that the show is fun to watch, will gain a lot of exposure for the podcast community and be full of fun surprises.

So why I am telling you this now? It's cause I need YOUR help. Yep, that's right. You.

For the show we'll need:

1-2 Hosts: Hoping mainly for podcasters who are funny and ok with being on camera and pre-recording for the show. 

For host submissions please note:

Submissions will be reviewed over the next few weeks and a voting poll 🗳 will be posted via Twitter for the community to choose! 

Prior to the poll,  you’ll receive an email with instructions for creating a video audition which will be shared in a video on the Twipods YouTube alongside all other auditions. A link to the video will be posted with the poll, so everyone can vote informed ! 
Links to your twitter & podcast (s) will be credited on the #Twipods Hosts Auditions Video as well. 

Editors: Got video editing prowess? We need ya!

Promotional Graphic Designers: Looking for those who would like to design special Flyers, Gifs, Promo material for the show

Logo Designers: Who's got talent? Is it you? The Twipods needs a logo and if yours is chosen it will be featured on the YouTube, on show Merch prizes & More.

(1) Video Animator 

Now I know there are a lot of people with talent out there but I'm first and foremost looking for those who have the talent AND are podcast supporters. I just want our community to have tons of opportunities for exposure.

All those chosen to join the Twipods Team will of course be given FULL credit. 

Lastly, the show will feature some "performances", which can be music dedicated to the #Twipods, fun segments & more! I'll be looking for one of these in each chosen #Twipods categories, which will be chosen ahead of time by popular suggestion from the podcast community.  

Interested at all? Want to participate? Want to SPONSER?

Send an email to: twipodsawardsmgmt@gmail.com to express your interest and show examples of your work.

For designers, animators & hosts who express interest: we'll run a mini contest on Twitter for the podcast community to decide who should be chosen to join the #Twipods team and have their work featured!

Ideas, suggestions, comments? 

Send an email today!

This is for us all.

Love you, Happy New Year!!

P.S: Special thanks to my friend and Twipods Team member @D-SANe8 for suggesting a YouTube show!! Excited?? Show him some loveee.