March 13, 2021

#Twipods: March Comedy Podcast Roast Battle (Live!)

#Twipods: March Comedy Podcast Roast Battle (Live!)

Maybe you didn’t know…maybe you couldn’t guess…but starting right now, March is Comedy Month. Every month from now until the 2nd Annual #Twipods, we will focus on bringing light to a specific genre of our favorite indie pods through fun activities/competitions and we’re starting with Comedy! If you can recall, during #Twipods voting comedy podcasts had the most votes and the top 3 nominated pods were neck and neck with votes! That’s because we all like to laugh and laughter is the best medicine as they say. I don’t know about you all, but I am long overdue for a side-splitting, knee-slapping, tears running down, spit take laugh and I know just how to get it.


When most of us think about the first recorded episodes of our podcasts we cringe and maybe even die a little inside (I do). Back in those days where we had NO IDEA what we were doing (I still don’t)! Besides being cringe worthy, those episodes are somewhat hilarious to listen to….so, are you thinking what I’m thinking?


Let’s Roast EM’ !


Here’s how this works:


  • Only Comedy-Based Podcasts can participate in the roasts.
  • You will have to pick a podcast whose first episode you’d like to roast and they’ll have to agree to roast you right back! Do this via twitter by @ing the podcast you want to challenge in the roast and using the tag #TwipodsRoastChallenge . You have until 3/22 to challenge a fellow comedy pod to a roast battle.
  • The roast will be hosted on zoom and be live streamed on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch
  • Roasters will roast one another’s first episodes and the judges (seasoned comedians) will decide/vote on who won each battle.
  • Winners will get prizes!


Goal of the Event:

  • By participating in the roast, you’ll inevitably be listening to each other’s first episodes which equates to more listens! Also, those who want to attend the roast will want to listen to your first episodes for some context as well…either way, more listens/downloads all around!
  • Don’t forget to encourage your own podcast audience to attend the roast and listen to yours and your roast challenger’s first episode as well!
  • By the end of this thing, hopefully we’ll all be laughing like no tomorrow and we’ll have possibly discovered some hidden gem comedy gold podcasts to tune into !


Yes, There are Rules.

The general rule of thumb with roasts is that the only rule is that there are no rules, but there are rules. Just a few of them.

First: Don’t be racist. I’m not explaining this further.

Second: Don’t get too personal. You are roasting each other’s first ever podcast episodes—not each other personally. You’re free to chat with the podcast you’re challenging to determine how far you want to go but remember, this roast should focus on the first episode.

Third: Do your research and write your jokes! You’ve got plenty of time till the main event so listen to that first episode and then listen again. Write some great zingers that’ll entertain the audience. Remember, we’re hoping for a sizable audience here and if you’re using ‘inside jokes’ then it won’t be quite as entertaining to the masses.

Fourth: Have Mercy. This is live and on camera. You can see your roast challenger’s eyes. There’s a look in a person’s eyes that reveals when they’ve had enough. True friends know it instantly. That’s the one line you should never cross. While we always remember a good old-fashioned ribbing, we never forget when it’s gone too far.

Fifth: Have some fucking fun!


Let the comedy-podcast roast battles begin!