Mental Health Advocate

Lorenna is a self-proclaimed mental health advocate on Twitter who is highly active with the BPD support community. Lorr is a native of Netherlands (the first international guest on the pod! wooohooo!) She is a HUGE fan of the TV shows Law & Order: SVU as well as Grey's Anatomy. She describes herself as proud doug mom as well. At the young of 24 years old Lorenna has suffered from her fair share of mental illnesses including but not limited to BPD, Anorexia & more. She has struggled with self harm and substance abuse but has shown an immense amount of strength on courage on her journey to recovery and has tons to be proud about. She is an Aries (zodiac sign) and a very sweet individual who cares deeply for others and uses her platform to help as many people as she can.

Jan. 25, 2021


In this episode special guest Lorenna (@thisislorr on Twitter) and I discuss the highs and lows of life with Borderline Personali…

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