Feb. 14, 2021



"BigNick" Host of Gag on This Podcast and I discuss all of our toxic relationship habits, our degenerate ways, sexual fantasies, podcasting and everything in between. Love you all so much everyday of the year. xoxo 

Be sure to tune into Gag on This Podcast, a comedy podcast (one of my personal favorites)! also follow Nick on Twitter: @TheBigNickJ

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Podcast/Radio Host

Known widely as "BigNick", Nick is the host of "Gag on This Podcast", one of my personal favorite podcasts in the comedy sector. His humor is raunchy and downright hilarious. He's an awesome degenerate (evidenced by his twitter feed), multi-talented, creative, podcast and radio host based in Sacramento, California. When he isn't doing the podcast you can find him on PlayFM Sundays at 2pm. An all around amazing individual.