Dec. 31, 2020

1st Annual Twipods: Voting!

1st Annual Twipods: Voting!

Well there you have it folks!

You casted your votes and now all Top 3 Nominees from each category have been added to the polls! I want to extend a warm and special thank you to each and every soul that participated in this year's Twipods. It seriously means the world to me that all of you have embraced the event and much more than that--to see everyone supporting all these wonderful podcasts, spreading the word and celebrating one another? Now that is priceless.

If you didn't make the polls this year don't be disheartened! I know this was short notice to campaign but never doubt that your content is beyond worthy and amazing. Plus with the amount of involvement this time around---there's always next year! Extremely special thank you to all the listeners/podcast lovers who nominated their favorites. As a podcaster myself, I can't tell you how much this means to us all.

HUGE congratulations to everyone who made the polls! Wooohooooo! Of this I have no doubt--we are all EXTREMELY happy for you!! Please feel free to encourage folks to vote for you until the polls close!

I also want to thank everyone who nominated me (crying). It's such an honor! However, if I do win I will also be counting any 2nd place winner in the mental health category as a winner (I will be promoting you on my podcast, including you on the podchaser list and encouraging everyone to buy you a coffee! Oh & not to mention? This PodPage platform will be gifting you with a $25 discount code towards any plan you choose to have your own podcast site!)

Speaking of buying coffee: for those on the polls, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BUY ME A COFFEE PAGE SET UP! If you don't already, never fear! Here's a link:

Thanks again everyone!!  As a reminder, the categories are listed below. Vote now and vote fast!  Oh and keep using the hashtag #Twipods to spread the word about the event and all our lovely podcasts!

  • Voting will END at 11:45pm 12/31 and -WINNERS will be announced at Midnight 🎉🥳🏆 01/01/21

OFFICIAL #Twipods Categories:

  1. Best New Podcast (the podcast you nominate must have been created this year, 2020)
  2. Best Original Concept Podcast (the concept must be unique !)
  3. Best Solo Host Podcast (run by just one host)
  4. Best Multi Host Podcast (2 or more hosts!)
  5. Best Minority Hosted Podcast
  6. Best Crime Podcast (I.e. true crime etc.)
  7. Best Comedy Podcast (pick one that really made you LOL !)
  8. Best Mental Health Podcast (I’m biased but I think we all needed them this year)
  9. Best Cinema Podcast (those amazing ones that review movies and the like!)
  10. Best Gaming Podcast
  11. Best History Podcast
  12. Best Folklore Podcast
  13. Best Paranormal Podcast
  14. Best “Made me Feel better during Quarantine” Podcast (did they? Nominate that pod!)
  15. Best Conspiracy Podcast