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A fun show and a safe space to talk mental health

This show is a fantastic place to just open up about things regarding mental health. Baby is a lot of fun not just to listen about these topics but also talk to since we’ve had her on our show as well as being featured on a future episode of Stressed, Depressed, and Anxious. Also we’re still down for that threesome if you are lol -Matt & Eric, 69 Whiskey Podcast

Love the Vibe!

The host is fun, honest, and real! I came for the stories, and stayed for the vibe! I found myself lol-ing at her quick wit! Can’t wait for more!

I appreciate honesty

I can’t say enough how refreshing this podcast is. Covid was hard on me and I did feel alone sometimes and this podcast is just what the doctor ordered! Now getting back into society is making me Stressed Depressed and Anxious! I’m glad I have this now to make me feel like I have a cheerleader behind me cheering me on!

Hilariously Depraved!!!!

Are you screwed up in the head? Sad? Anxious? Depressed? Of course you are!! We all are!! But we all have to deal with it. So why not choose to deal with it by listening to a wise, hilarious, creative & beautiful host in Local Neighborhood Baby?! She is your perfect liaison into the depraved world that is mental health! Who better to guide you then someone who is a little mentally broken themselves? But in a fun, entertaining way 😂 So sit back, listen, laugh, enjoy and unwind your brain...You will absolutely not regret it!!!!

Insightful show

Stressed Depressed & Anxious is a really powerful show on a unique topic. Life is hard and it's great getting to spend an hour or two hearing about real issues and how people are making the most about something we're all going through.

A great escape

This podcast is a great way to escape being stressed, depressed & anxious. A great podcast! Subscribe. you will not regret it!

Needed in these times of self-quarantine!

This podcast is so excellent because it makes me feel like I am not alone in these COVID times. Listening to the episodes, I feel like I can relate, and it makes me feel a lot better knowing that I am not alone and others are going through the same things I am going through. Give this podcast a try.

Great job, D!

This podcast is so amazing and NEEDED. You’re a talented being, brave, and an awesome person! You have the best vibe! Thanks for making this podcast, D!!!

Raw & honest

If you’re looking for a podcast that keeps it real about what living with anxiety and depression is like look no further. D shares her highs and lows and it’s a podcast I gravitated towards from the very beginning. One of my absolute favorites. Xo Dena from So This Is Me Trying Podcast

One of my favorites!

Stressed Depressed and Anxious is a fantastic podcast about mental health that is laced with humor, nuance and substance. The hostess D is not afraid to discuss her issues openly and transparently with her listeners. She is a great hostess and has a variety of guests that keep her show fresh and interesting. If you’re looking for a great new podcast to get into then definitely subscribe now. 🔥❤️🔥❤️

Fabulous show!

Sometimes I get lost in my own head and thrown on this pod and it really calms and soothes me. An easy listen that makes you feel as though you’re talking together. -The Geeks

The BEST neighborhood baby!

If you are looking for something forward, raw, and glorious please stop looking. This show will take you on a journey through the mind of a young woman working through the challenges of mental health. I adore this show. I adore this lady! Thank you for being so raw and sharing the depth of your journey with us. Cheers. Ian Why Whiskey Podcast

Amazing Podcast with Great Topics

This podcast tackles a difficult topic in a great way. The host puts it all out there and shows us that we are not alone when it comes to mental health. She is genuine, honest, and a great human being. She also is upfront about her flaws which makes it all the more interesting. I am so glad I came across this podcast. She also has a lovely voice!!!

Stress Relief

Stressed Depressed & Anxious mixes mental health, slice of life, and laughs all in one honest and (as other reviews point out) relatable show. In this day and age, it's just as raw and important of a show as it is entertaining. Give this a listen and subscribe now!


Suffering from depression made this show completely relatable for me! It’s tough to look yourself in the mirror like this but it is done so well. Truly enjoyed this! As I said it’s tough to see yourself this way but honestly it also made me feel better. Especially the idea of not missing those moments when you are ok. Subscribed and totally can’t wait until the next episode! - Game For A Movie


I feel like your show give an informative and very “real” understanding of the implications of a variety of mental health concerns. I feel like it should be required listening for everyone....and you’re also super relatable and I love what! Great show!

Hard relate

This pod is so relatable, easy to listen to, and very entertaining. The topics are raw and real and i'm sure resonate with most of us. Highly recommend!

Great host!

I like this podcast because in depth in each topic she chooses. She’s not afraid to explore the ins and outs and include the misconceptions with each aspect of health. You have a new subscriber!

Real & Raw

Thank you for being so open and sharing with the world. Its scary to do and some people might be afraid of how honest you are but its amazing!!! Please keep it up and never stop! I am loving these episodes and cant wait to see you grow within this beautiful journey!!! I couldn't relate more

Honest and full of heart

Such easy listening. Very real and relatable


A look into an honest, real person struggling with the day to day issues that face us all - but in her own way. Really good. Subscribed.

Excellent podcast!

Stumbled upon this show a few days ago and I can honestly say it’s so helpful! The host is phenomenal- do yourself a favor and subscribe!

Literally the best podcast ever

So relatable. So raw. So real.